Small Business Owners Under 55

Being a small business owner is a huge undertaking. Not only are you responsible for providing the goods/services you are passionate about, but you’re also thrust into a world of being the CEO of your business. Not all business owners enjoy wearing the CEO hat and all that it brings. We have a vested interest in this topic… we are small business owners too!

We will create a plan to:

  • efficiently manage cash flow.
  • define when it’s appropriate to use debt to grow or sustain the business.
  • create and maintain an emergency fund. This will allow you to weather a financial storm or to take advantage of an opportunity that presents itself.
  • protect your business from things you cannot control (i.e. death or disability of a co-owner or key employee).
  • provide benefits to help retain employees.

So, what does it cost to work with us?  Because our fees are based on your personal situation and the complexities it brings, it would be reckless for us to quote a fee without getting to know you better.  In our initial consultation, we will discuss our fee structure and how we’ll work to fit it into your monthly budget.  If at any time you’re dissatisfied with our service, we will refund your fee.  No questions asked.