So you’re retired, it’s better than advertised isn’t it? If you answered no to that question, we have some work to do.

Our goal for retirees is very simple. Simplify your finances so you can enjoy doing the things your envisioned during retirement. At no point during your retirement should you be worried about your finances, we’ll take care of them for you.

We will create a plan to:

  • track your retirement progress. We will measure where you stand and how much you can spend in a given year.
  • manage all sources of income (Social Security, Pension, Investment Income, etc.).
  • manage your monthly expenses.
  • provide “fun money” to enjoy retirement.
  • proactively address taxation of your investment portfolio.

So, what does it cost to work with us?  Because our fees are based on your personal situation and the complexities it brings, it would be reckless for us to quote a fee without getting to know you better.  In our initial consultation, we will discuss our fee structure and how we’ll work to fit it into your monthly budget.  If at any time you’re dissatisfied with our service, we will refund your fee.  No questions asked.