Having Honest Money Conversations With Family

Talking To Family About MoneyMoney is an uncomfortable topic. In fact, more often than not, just thinking about money leaves us feeling overwhelmed, guilty, or a little bit ticked off. We develop feelings about money (and how to use it) from a really young age. These feelings and ideas are based in what we learned from our parents, or what we saw they doing, and how the people around us dealt with their money. Not all of the habits we pick up are identical to what people around us do. Sometimes the way we treat money is the polar opposite of what our parents, grandparents, or siblings have done because we’re determined not to get ourselves in a similar financial mess. Other times, we gain our values directly from them – for better or worse.

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Should You Snowball or Avalanche Your Debt?

If you’ve been a long-time reader of the NewLeaf Financial Guidance blog, you know that we’re not huge fans of debt. In fact, this time last year we put together a lengthy Debt Demolition series tackling everything you’d ever need to know about knocking out your debt and continuing to live debt free. Unfortunately, for many people, debt is a fact of life. It’s not fun, and nobody wants to deal with it, but it’s there – always looming in the background. For a lot of NewLeaf clients, this debt is student loans. For other clients, it’s a few outstanding credit card bills, auto loans, or a mortgage that they hadn’t thought all the way through before jumping into home ownership.

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Tied in Ribbon: How to Maximize Your Workplace Benefits Package

Employee retention is on the mind of every employer. How do I recruit top talent and keep it? One of the top reasons employees stay with a company are the benefits that the company offers.   

We work for more than a paycheck. We work to save for retirement, to get an education, to improve the livelihood of ourselves and the world around us.

Unique benefits packages are an employer’s golden ticket to keeping employees happy and healthy. Are you taking advantage of the benefits your workplace offers? 

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How Do You Budget for the Unexpected?

So, you’ve built a budget. You’ve taken a colossal first step toward a successful financial life. And then the unthinkable happens – you’re hit with a huge unexpected expense.

If you’re going through this right now, your head might be spinning. It’s incredibly frustrating to feel like you’ve just started to get your financial life on track, only to have it derailed by something you couldn’t have possibly predicted. In the moment, unexpected expenses feel like a personal attack on your financial wellbeing.

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What’s Your Worth?

You may have heard about net worth statements in the past. For a lot of people, it conjures up an image of the rich and famous. The truth is, everyone has a net worth statement – even you. Tracking your net worth over time can help you to see your complete financial picture and ensure that you’re trending in the right direction.

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Setting Concrete Money Goals

The past few months, we’ve been doing something new here at Newleaf Financial Guidance: We’ve been building out a comprehensive case study to showcase how Newleaf works with new clients. Our case study participants, Josh and Sarah Ackerman, aren’t real people. However, the problems they face, and the solutions we create together, are all-too-relatable.

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Case Study: Building a Budget

The past few months, we have been working our way through a case study of Josh and Sarah Ackerman. Josh and Sarah aren’t real people – they’re entirely fictionalized. However, the financial issues they’re facing are very real. Through this case study, we’re showing you how a couple, like Josh and Sarah, can work with NewLeaf Financial Guidance to create a comprehensive financial plan, conquer their financial fears, and start building a path to their long-term goals.

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Case Study: Handling Cash Flow

Today, I’m helping my new client, the Ackermans, work through how to get a handle on their cash flow. Although overspending has never been an issue in the past, with Josh’s student loan payments kicking in soon – they’re a little worried about their budget.

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Case Study: Starting as a Client

In our last case study post, Josh and Sarah Ackerman had their initial consultation with me and decided to sign on with NewLeaf Financial Guidance. Now, they’re ready for their first-ever client meeting.  

In this meeting, we’ll be talking about something that’s more important than any other aspect of Josh and Sarah’s financial plan: their goals and values.  

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Case Study: Our First Meeting

Josh and Sarah Ackerman decided it was time to get proactive about their financial planning. One of Josh’s OD friends brought up NewLeaf Financial Guidance as a solution because of our experience working with ODs and their families. They book an initial consultation, which I view as an opportunity for us to get to know one another and determine whether we’re a good fit. My goal for this initial meeting is to cover a few key questions that will help Josh and Sarah understand who I am, and what NewLeaf Financial Guidance is all about. 

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